About Us

Celebrate the rich history of East Boston


The Mission of The East Boston Museum and Historical Society is to preserve East Boston’s history for the benefit of present and future citizens, and visitors desiring to learn the same.


  1. Make East Boston a point of intersection for all communities.
  2. Collect and preserve artifacts.
  3. Provide educational interpretation of events related to East Boston.
  4. Establish a rotating exhibition of the history of immigration as it relates to East Boston.

Proposed Museum Design

The proposed building design’s purpose is to promote the collection, preservation, educational interpretation and display of those artifacts, documents and events most representative of East Boston– its prehistory and history, its people and institutions, its cultural and economic development.

Special thanks to Architect Lyle Bradley and Designer Gabriela Dumitrescu for donating the many hours and professional works that is their proposed waterfront building design.  We like it and hope that you will too.

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